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Premier Plus - Timber Laminate Flooring

Laminated Flooring - Premier Plus

For us, the art of living is an appreciation of beauty and to create inspiration out of it at any moment in time. Performance is a permanent feature of our life. day after day, we demand performance. Delivering daily performance requires solid ground beneath our feet.


  • Cigarette Burn Resistant

    Cigarette Burn Resistant

  • Stain Resistant

    Stain Resistant

  • UV Rays & Fade Resistant

    UV Rays & Fade Resistant

  • Impact Resistant

    Impact Resistant

  • Wear Resistant

    Wear Resistant

  • Do It Yourself

    Do It Yourself

  • Moisture Resistant

    Moisture Resistant

  • Warm On Feet

    Warm On Feet

  • Not Easily Flammable

    Not Easily Flammable

  • Existing Floor Need Not To Be Hacked

    Existing Floor Need Not To Be Hacked

  • Glue Free Installation

    Glue Free Installation

  • Authentic Direct Manufacturer Warranty

    Authentic Direct Manufacturer Warranty

  • Does Not Breed Dustmite

    Does Not Breed Dustmite

  • Termite Resistant

    Termite Resistant

  • Hygienic And Enviromental Friendly

    Hygienic And Enviromental Friendly

  • Suitable For Underflooring Heating

    Suitable For Underflooring Heating

  • Low Formaldehyde Emission

    Low Formaldehyde Emission

  • Household Chemicals Resistant

    Household Chemicals Resistant


Along with the finest quality floors, we ensure that our floors are always in mint condition, which is why we provide you with our exclusive warranty of 15 years  and 10 years for our Premier Plus Series respectively.

  • Warranty
  • Warranty
  • Warranty
  • Warranty

Product Range

  • FL-001-DE Acacia - Chocolate

    FL-001-DE Acacia - Chocolate

  • FL-002-SG Cardiz oak

    FL-002-SG Cardiz oak

  • FL-003-SG Prestige oak

    FL-003-SG Prestige oak

  • FL-004-SG Waveless oak

    FL-004-SG Waveless oak


Parameters and prices

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